Is VR Headset Bad For Brain? Effects of Vr Headset on Brain

Virtual Reality or VR technology may seem like magic to us because is a matter of seconds, we can transport ourselves to anywhere in the world or in outer space using just a special pair of glasses. We can fly through space or fight zombies and monsters and take a break from our mundane and otherwise boring routine of life. This also raises concern whether this VR technology a two-sided coin. On one side we can have unprecedented amount of fun and experience and on the other, there may be unforeseen health risks.

What VR Headsets do to Your Eyes.

is Vr Headset For brain
is Vr Headset For brain

Since the VR technology is relatively a very new technology, there has not been much time to study its long-term or permanent physiological and psychological effects on human body and brain. But the potential for negative as well as positive effects is there and varied with personality type of the people using it and in the manner of use. Lets deep dive into how VR can be bad for your brain or how it can enhance your intellect and coordination in the following.

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Is VR Bad for your Brain?

Short answer is no, other than some short-term effects such as dizziness, blurry vision, nausea, etc. due to long term and regular use. Because there has not been any evidence for permanent or long-term negative effects of VR on human brain, we cannot say anything for sure. But if we heed the warnings from some of the VR developers and Hollywood’s imaginations and depictions of the Neo-technology future in films and series such as Black Mirror, we can get some idea about the roads not take while using such technologies.

It is a fact however, that VR does affect the brain of adults and children differently because of the development processes taking place in adult’s and children’s brains.

Does VR Headset emit radiation?

VR headsets mostly work wirelessly now with your phones and computers, meaning they do emit radiations. The levels of those are radiation are similar to those of your phones and computers, which are way low than the dangerous limits. Yes, VR headsets do emit radiations but on the safer level and are comparable to your everyday phones and computers connected with each other through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Psychological effects of Virtual Reality

Definitely there are positive as well as negative impacts of VR technology on the human brain. There have been studies regarding emotional impacts of Virtual Reality experiences on humans and the results are skewed on both the extremes. In an experiment, half the participants were asked to play an emotionally intensive game on VR and other half on computer screens. The results showed that the VR players experienced more emotions because of a sensory feel of experiencing those events.

Similarly, bloody and fighting games intensify the negative emotions as compared to the same games played on laptops or computer screens. Hence, VR should be used with caution if you are prone to some of these issues.

Negative effects of VR in Metaverse

This can be the topic of a long debate and there would always be extremes to this discussion. One party on the side of this and the other against it. The whole concept of Metaverse is about the virtual space and its applications. For some people, it poses new experience of working, enjoying and socializing. While for others, it is an indicator of dark and grim future for mankind where physical contact will become rare and humans will be prone to virtual fantasies.

The approach to this should be about the balanced use of the technology for appropriate purposes. Virtual Reality is the key feature of Metaverse and you can check out some of the Best VR headsets for metaverse here.

Does VR kill brain cells?

Again, there has been no evidence of Virtual Reality provoking brain damage or any kind of permanent impairment. So, no VR does not kill brain cells or in any way damage them. Although there have been short-lapsed symptoms of dizziness, blurry vision and nausea for people who use VR headsets for longer period of time everyday which is mainly due to lesser and lesser physical activity and more brain activity in the virtual environment.

Does VR Headset cause cancer?

No, there is no way you can get cancer using VR headset. Although radiations have been linked to producing carcinogen, which are chemicals that cause cancer, in human body. But those are connected to high energy radiations and for long-time exposure. Meanwhile, VR headsets that connect wirelessly to your mobile phones and laptops are much safer and are compared to your phones and computers in terms of emissions.

Are VR headsets Safe?

Yes, as mentioned above many times, VR technology is very much safe for use and is just like using a computer (but instead of a screen, you wear special goggles that simulate a virtual environment in front of your eyes). The use of VR technology can be a two-edged sword, because everything can be used either positively or negatively. So, we should know that way anything is used defines the purpose of that thing. And just like any new technology is feared because of unforeseen consequences, VR technology can have major positive impact in the near future.

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