Recommended Storage for Gaming PC

Organizing and storing your gaming PC can be a daunting task. With all of the different parts, graphics cards, CPU’s, and other components, it can be hard to know where to start. In this article, we’ll recommend some storage solutions for gaming PCs. Some of these solutions may be new to you, while others you may already be using. We’ll cover everything from external storage solutions like hard drives and SSDs to software solutions like game organizers and streaming platforms.

Recommended Storage For Gaming Pc
Recommended Storage For Gaming Pc

There are currently two types of storage devices popular in the gaming community, SSD (which is faster and expensive) and HDD (mostly used, less expensive and relatively slower than SSD). The most famous questions regarding recommended storage for gaming pc includes both of these. Which is better? SSD or HDD? Which is be better for boot drive? Which is best for storage of games? How many AAA games can we store in 1 TB HDD or SSD? All of these questions are usually subjective to the type or genre of the games under discussion. We will see as to which one is better and help you decide the best recommended storage for gaming pc.

HDD or Hard Disk Drive was the most popular storage device in computers for the past two decades. But as the technology progressed, Solid State Drives or SSDs came into action as the better and faster alternative. Both of the types have their pros and cons in the current market scenario. Although SSDs and preferred over HDDs these days, but it is also much expensive compared to the latter.

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What is the best storage size for a gaming pc?

the most basic question that comes into mind about recommended storage for gaming pc is what is the best storage size. Well, the answer is quite straightforward, the more the better. But you should always be smart about these steps. If you are not a content creator or video editor, and only use your PC for gaming only, you do not need more than 1 TB under normal circumstances. Provided that you are not playing dozens of AAA games on your pc at the same time.

On the other hand, if you are not just a gamer and use your pc for other tasks such as video editing, rendering, 3d designing, etc. more storage is always better. You can go for the higher storage drives such as 2 TB or even 4 TB drives. But it is not always required so, go with what you can afford.

Is 128 GB a lot of storage for a gaming PC?

The short answer is a big NO. CP gaming has evolved from arcade type to multi-level, high definition and high framerate gaming. Which requires better CPUs and GPUs and along with these, much higher storage devices. So, for a usual gamer and depending upon the prices in your region, you should make a hybrid storage device gaming PC. Which basically means that you must have a good level (preferably 256 GB and above) SSD as your boot drive and at least a 1 or 2 TB HDD as a secondary drive.

This makes a perfect balance for someone on a budget who wants faster computer and gameplays along with sufficient space for other daily tasks.

What type of storage do I need for gaming pc?

As already mentioned above, for a good and balanced gaming pc, you must have both SSD and HDD drives in your setup. It has multiple advantages as it speeds up your operating system and also have adequate storage space without spending huge amounts for larger storage.

It is clear that SSDs are much more preferred type of storage drive than HDDs these days. Because of faster speed and better performance in long-term use, SSDs are the best choice for at least your boot drive.

Is 500 GB HDD enough for gaming?

Yes if you were living a decade behind than the whole world. Not for current times though. This is because as time progresses and we see new things everyday whether it is technology or anything else, games are also evolving at exponential rates. New games now require faster processors, large and fast memory and ultimately more space because of large files.

This means that you should not only upgrade your hard drives to solid state drives, but also upgrade other hardware such as processor, gpu and memory.

How many AAA games can 1 TB hold?

Well, this totally depends on the type of game you want. Because the gaming industry is very diverse and there is every type of game out there. You name a concept, there must be a game about it. For example, there are open world games such as Grand Theft Auto, first person shooters such as Crysis, Call of Duty, etc, sports games such as FIFA, NBA, etc, and so many more we cannot even list here.

Hence, for average AAA game size, you can hold as much as 20 games at a time in a 1 TB of hard drive. But this ofcourse changes with the nature of game, for example the latest Call of Duty game is about 200 GB in size. So, you can estimate yourself about the no. of games you can have in a 1 TB hard drive which is equal to 1024 GBs.

Which is better, 500 GB or 1 TB Hard Drive?

Since 1 TB is twice the size of 500 GB in size, 1 TB is much better than the former. It should be noted that this is the case when both are the same type. But if 500 GB is an SSD and the 1 TB is an HDD, then in terms of size although 1 TB HDD is larger in size, but 500 GB SSD performs much better and faster.

So, it is not always about the size. Enjoy.

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