Gaming PC vs Mining Rig (For Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining)

Cryptocurrencies have made their trillions of dollars worth of the market in a short amount of time. Now everyone with or without significant hardware for mining these cryptocurrencies wants a piece of it. And there have been so many advances in the hardware field just because of such cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. And when we talk about mining Bitcoin or Ethereum, we need to know what is required for a mining rig. and for gaming Pc.

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Gaming PC Vs Mining Rig
Gaming PC Vs Mining Rig

The most popular hardware for mining cryptocurrencies these days are the ASIC and Ant miners. Besides that, there are mega mining farms that rely on GPUs and Mining rigs for their mining operations. And the most popular among the common people are mining pools. If you are really interested in mining cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and Ethereum or even altcoins, you need to be familiar with the right hardware. And this is exactly what we are here for. To understand what is more profitable and practical based on your hardware and mining potential.

So, we are here to understand whether you can mine Bitcoin and Ethereum by using your Gaming PC or by making a GPU Mining rig. The cost of both the hardware setups is different and cannot be compared because a PC may run one or a maximum of two GPUs at a time, but a mining rig uses 5 to 6 six graphic cards simultaneously.

And to know more about how mining rigs work, you can find out how to build a crypto mining rig. Gaming PC which is mostly used for gaming and stuff is not likely to be compared to a full-on mining rig which is specifically built for mining because of its processing power.

But if you know the right configurations and methods for mining you can easily earn some extra cash by just using your already present gaming pc.

The most popular method for mining crypto by using a gaming pc is to enter mining pools. This way you lend your processing power to a pool of miners and increase your chances of earning little or decent profits when you are not using your PC.

While in a mining rig, you can either mine small valued altcoins by running the easy-to-use mining software such as customizer and wait for the prices to go up. Or you can mine big crypto by also using pool mining. The greater the processing power, the greater the chance for solving the block in a blockchain.

So, we have here with us some of the frequently asked questions when it comes to gaming pc vs mining rig (for Ethereum and Bitcoin Mining).

Can A Mining Rig Be Used For Gaming Too

The simple answer to this is No. This is because most of the mining rigs are set up in such a way that no GPU in all the 5 or 7 GPUs is designed to run a display. And all the GPUs are used only for solving complex mathematical puzzles (algorithms) and verifying the blocks on the blockchain. However, if you know your hardware and are a technical person, you can use your mining rig and tweak the system in such a way as to use one of the GPUs for visual purposes and play games occasionally.

Are Mining Rigs Good For Gaming

Although mining rigs are not preferred for gaming because their main objective is to provide as much processing power to the algorithm of the cryptocurrency. But you can technically game on your mining rig provided that you have technical knowledge of the hardware on hand.

Can I Use My Gaming PC For Mining

Definitely, a gaming pc can be easily used for mining. And the recommended mode of mining on gaming pc is to take part in pool mining. This way you can easily earn a little while not using your gaming pc. And can turn off mining when you need to game on your pc. There are many mining pools available in which hundreds and thousands of miners take part and earn a fraction of the reward from verifying the block on the blockchain.s

Is Mining Bad For Gaming PC

The answer to this question is no, not really. Because this solely depends on your usage. In fact, it has been proven experimentally that graphic cards and other hardware which have been used in mining have almost no performance downgrade compared to the same brand-new GPU. And the answer you are looking for is in the thermals of the hardware. As long as you keep the thermals of your GPU in control, there is comparatively no downgrade of the hardware.

Which is More Profitable Gaming PC or Mining Rig for Mining

When it comes to profitability, it is the game of high processing power. The higher, the better. Of course, a mining rig made by using the RTX graphic cards will give excellent performance compared to a gaming pc with a GTX card. But this does not mean that mining rigs are always more profitable than gaming pc for mining cryptocurrencies.

For instance, if you have an RTX 3090 in your gaming pc and you want to use it in pool mining of bitcoin or Ethereum, you will definitely have more chances of earning when compared to a mining rig of average GTX cards. So, always check your hash rates.

Is GPU Mining Still Profitable

Yes. GPU mining is still profitable in case you already have GPUs available. Because the price inflation of the graphic cards due to chip shortage and after-effects of COVID-19 has rendered, buying a new GPU for the average person, impossible. But nevertheless, it is still profitable than having no GPU at all for mining, and you can still earn a decent reward for mining Ethereum or Bitcoin whether in pool mining or by playing crypto games.

Why Mining Rig is Better Than Gaming PC

Mining rigs are much better than Gaming PC when it comes to mining because a mining rig has more GPUs than a gaming PC. And crypto mining is the game of more processing power for the verification of blocks on the blockchain. The higher the processing power, the higher is the chance of earning the reward in return for solving the hex puzzle (algorithm).

Does Mining Shorten The GPU Life

The answer to this question is temperature. Mining in no way shortens the life of your GPU or even other hardware provided you kept the temperature of the environment and the hardware under check. The average temperature for most computer hardware including GPU under load should not exceed 70˚ C.

The life of a GPU can only be shortened with bad use of it. If you do not keep the temperatures under check, the more you use the GPU, the more quickly it will be dead. Because chips at a temperature higher than the power rating requirements can melt and destroy your other hardware too.

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