How Long Does It Take To Build A Gaming PC in 2022

So, you are building a PC or a Gaming PC. The basic questions you need to ask are how much does it cost to build a gaming PC? or what are going to be your requirements for a gaming PC that you are going to build?. Well, you have come to the right place, because today we are going to overview and discuss some important things and factors before you get into the complexities that how long does it take to build a gaming PC in 2022

How Long Does It Take To Build A Gaming PC
How Long Does It Take To Build A Gaming PC

Building a PC is a pretty straight-forward task if you know what you need and what exactly are you doing. But for someone who is building their first gaming PC, it can get confusing sometimes to choose all the parts from hundreds of makes and choices. The basic questions we will be targeting today are how long does it take to build a gaming PC and how much does it cost to build a gaming PC.

There may be concerns as to how long does a gaming PC last, and the answer to that is completely dependent upon the type of components you choose and the generation of the components. Ofcourse latest generations of processors and components are going to last you much longer than the previous ones because the new components are better at cooperating and synchronizing with newer generations.

So, starting off with the most important factor of building a gaming pc which answers the question that how much does it cost to build a gaming PC.


Costing and budget is the most important thing while building a gaming PC. Now simply put, there are basically three major types of budgets corresponding to the three basic types of builds which are:

Entry-Level To Build Gaming PC in 2022

            This type of build can cost you between $350 to $450 which will be entirely dependent upon the components you choose. This build is something that can run certain AAA games with low settings and some mid games with custom medium settings. This is good if you are just going to play small-time games for fun and are not going competitive or lack the budget and resources.

            This build can also be tweaked with careful buying of components which can support sufficient AAA games with custom low to medium settings but still not enough to play high definition and with full thrill

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Mid-Range Level To Build Gaming Pc in 2022

Next is a neat mid-range or budget build which can support most of the AAA titles with ease and with some custom graphics, can support some games around or near the 60fps mark. This kind of build is the trickiest of them all because you need a perfect balance between cost and performance. But considering all the pros and cons and the combinations out there, this kind of build can cost you around $500 to $800 price point. Now, this is kind of the build that requires the most careful buying of components as it will be greatly confusing. To set it at ease, you can either consult a professional about your requirements for a gaming PC or emphasis on a good GPU above all. Because a good GPU will help you a lot in a lot of games.

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High-End Level to Build Gaming Pc in 2022

Now to the highest-end gaming PC, this is the kind of build that will be as good as the amount of money you put into it. If you are a gaming enthusiast or hoping to be a professional, you should opt for such builds as these will be giving you a full-on high definition experience and maximum frames your components can get. So, you can be the best of the best and never miss out on even a single shot which can turn out to be the winning strike.

There is no actual price limit to these builds but most of them start from above the $800 price point and can go up to well above $1500, depending purely upon the components you need for maximum performance and experience.

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Basic Components

Starting off with the most basics of what do you need to build a gaming PC, the following components are what basically constitute a PC.

  • Casing: a chassis in which all of the components are fitted.
  • Motherboard: as the name suggests, a circuit board which acts as a mother for all components.
  • Processor (CPU): a CPU (Central Processing Unit) is actually the brains of the computer.
  • Graphic Card (GPU): a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) is the most important for a gaming PC and usually an expensive component.
  • Memory (RAM): RAM (Random Access Memory) is what decides the speed of your computing which is being taken place at a certain time.
  • Storage (HDD/SSD): all your data you need and all the games you want to play have to be stored somewhere, this is what Storage is for. SSDs have shifted the paradigm and are the preferred storage but depending upon your requirements HDDs still do a good job.
  • Power Supply Unit (PSU): you can guess that all these components require power to run, a PSU does that and a good PSU can do more, it can help juice all the components even when they are overclocked.

Assembling and Building

The assembly and building of all the basic components is quite easy and any new person can also do it with proper guidance and knowledge of the components. You can even learn all the basic and advance things by watching tutorials on YouTube and writing down the steps in order to avoid later confusions.

Put it simply, the GPU, CPU, RAM fit onto the motherboard while storage is connected through wires and fit into the case. All the while PSU also goes into the case and basically connects to all the components through its own wires. All the connectors on the PSU are usually marked and easily distinguishable what goes where. A little reading can resolve the PSU connecting problems. Some of the connectors are actually quite fragile so make sure all the ticks are good ticks and not the broken ticks.

There are several good extensive tutorials on that on the internet which explain step-by-step all the necessary details about how exactly to assemble and build a PC.

Time Require To Build The Gaming PC

Coming to another major question about the time consumption, it usually takes about or over an hour if you are completely new at this and still learning. But with a little professional or experienced help, you can easily build a complete gaming PC with all the components in under an hour.

But proper preparation of the components can take time so be calm and follow proper procedure usually provided with the components. If you prepare the case and motherboard in advance, it is better and saves much time and wrestling with the wires and other small pins and connectors.


Building a gaming PC is entirely circled upon the question you should like yourself, what do you need to build a gaming PC, and what are the parts needed to build a gaming PC. Apart from custom building, there are several pre-built options, the major downfall for which is that there are a lot less customization and rather fixed price points. So, whenever you decide to build a gaming PC yourself, do pay heed to all the important things mentioned. This should help clear the confusion and will ultimately help you build a gaming PC that can last you a significant long time.

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