7 Ways How to Make Money Streaming Video Games in 2022

Playing games is so much fun and I am sure everyone agrees. But what if you could earn money by playing those same games you love. Yes, I am not joking. Earning money by playing games is quite an exciting thing but it may not be as easy as it sounds. The major question for someone hearing this for the first time is, How to Make Money Streaming Video Games? And the simple answer to this is a big YES.

You can make money playing video games and quite a lot apparently. There are several ways you can do this and some of them are really easy and friendly to beginners too. So, we are here to guide you step by step about how and where can you make money playing video games. We have listed multiple sources and platforms which are super helpful.

How to Make Money Streaming Video Games

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There are so many ways you can earn money by playing video games. You can play video games for money, you can play video games for companies that make games, you can partner with companies that invest in video game industry and eSports. Following are some of the ways you can earn money while doing what you love, playing video games.

Ways You Can Earn by Streaming Video Games

One of the major sources for earning money is live streaming your gameplay. There are many platforms where you can easily register and setup for streaming. And with time you can get thousands and even millions of viewers through which you can earn in multiple ways.

There is a hard side to this also. Because this prospect and platforms are getting too saturated. So, getting recognized quickly is close to impossible. So, the best way is to be patient and plan your goals.

Anyone can stream their gameplay for the whole world to see. And once you start this, your aim should be to build a large audience and expand it day by day by regularly playing interesting and popular games. Games your audience would like.

Ask for Donations in Stream Video Games

This is one of the most commonly practiced way. You can ask your viewers for small donations for supporting your live stream. When people watch your stream and like it, they will happily donate small amounts of money to your stream. Most of the platforms support this feature and even have their own currencies which have their value in USD and once deposited can be exchanged.

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So, let’s assume you started streaming games and have built a significant audience and that audience has started to give you donations for your streaming. The most important thing after that is a shoutout. Never forget to give a shoutout to the viewers who donate to your stream. Because this will give your audience a sense of appreciation. And of course, people love being appreciated by their favorite streamer.

Brand Sponsorship by Streaming

Another major source for earning by playing video games is becoming a partner with various brands which support such activities. It is a mutually beneficial contract as the brand gets marketing and you get free stuff and commissions on the side.

Basically, these brands usually generate a referral link for their online stores and as more and more people purchase using that referral link, you get a commission and it does not cost the customer any extra amount. This kind of decreases the brand’s marketing budget (in a sense) and increases their sales.

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In return, the brand maintains and pays for your complete streaming requirements and the commissions are an extra income stream. The major downside to this is that most brands (all of them) have a policy mentioned in their contract that you can only partner with only one brand (theirs) and not with multiple brands in the duration of the contract. Other than that, it is a very good choice but you have to have a large and loyal audience in order to get approached by the major brands.


This is one of the easiest ways to generate revenue. You put ads in between your streams or any convenient point in your stream or at the streaming platform. The more people see these ads, the more revenue you generate for yourself.

For this, you will have to choose your platform very carefully because not all of them have this option available. YouTube, Facebook Gaming, and Twitch are the perfect platform if you want to generate revenue from ads.

But this is extremely frowned upon when overdone. We all get annoyed by those YouTube ads we have to see whenever we open a video, and mostly try to skip it at the earliest.

Another downside of this type of earning is the AdBlocking extensions which are available for free on all of the browsers. When the ads are blocked using such extensions and apps, you do not get any revenue from that view. So, it is advised that you keep good control over these ads. And it should not be your sole way for earning because this type of earning is very small and less ads will produce even lesser income.

Platforms For Streaming Video Games to Earn Money

Following are the most famous and largely used platforms for live streaming your games and earn money from it. Remember, there are lots and lots of people out there doing the same, so you have to produce unique and original content in order to get recognized and get large audience. Enough to provide you with a stable income.


Twitch is currently the largest video game streaming platform worldwide with over 15 million viewers daily. On average 2.2 million streamers broadcast their games every month and this average increases regularly. This is the top pick for beginners too since they have very stable algorithms and have a high probability to reach a large audience in a short amount of time. Since it is quite competitive because of the large population, unique and original content never goes to vain.

YouTube Live

YouTube is the best streaming platform for beginners since it has very less requirements and anyone with just a google account can stream on YouTube. Although being a huge platform and an extremely large archive of videos, even beginner content can be found by easy searching.

On top of that, you can even go live from your mobile device if you are playing a mobile game. YouTube used to have a dedicated Gaming platform but it has been merged into YouTube Live since the object of both the platforms is the same. You can easily monetize your streams or connect them to some third-party apps which contribute to various paid activities.

Facebook Gaming

A very recent but major introduction in gaming, especially live streaming platform, Facebook Gaming has quickly picked up the pace because of its already giant user base. Microsoft’s Mixer platform flipped its users to Facebook Gaming which gave it a jumpstart as Mixer was already a major player in live stream gaming.

The established Facebook community definitely boosted the Facebook Gaming platform and it is now in the big league already in such a short amount of time. It also encourages new streamers to join and expand the community platform. So there is a lot of prospect in Facebook Gaming for earning money by playing video games.


DLive is also a very recent streaming platform which offers a unique and exciting user experience and because they have a lot to offer to its streamers. DLive went famous after PewDiePie who holds world’s largest gaming audience in his YouTube channel made a positive remark about the platform and endorsed it by starting using it himself. Because the platform gives all of its subscription revenue to its users. So, do consider DLive when starting a new stream.

How long does it take to make money from streaming

Coming on to how long does it take to make money from streaming, the answer is simple and easy to understand but difficult to achieve. That is patience and consistency.

Both these attributes are the key feature to any new business or in our case, live streaming video games. In this, you also get your answer to the question of how hard is it to make money streaming. Since this streaming stuff requires a lot of time and consistency, you can imagine how hard it gets as time progresses.

The first few months are the hardest if you are too new in the business and still settling in your routine. But once you know all the ins and outs, it gets easier for you to keep the pace. Hopefully, this answers some of the major questions like how hard is it to make money streaming video games and earning from them.


So far, we have discussed various ways and platforms where you can just easily set up your stream and play video games for money in return. Platforms provide you the audience and everything you need to make your content exciting and more watchable is in your hands.

The sole duty of a streamer is to engage as many viewers as possible to build a large audience. Because a loyal audience is the one that loves your stream and would love to pay to watch your stream. And you earn money by doing what you love most.

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